Caring for health is the primary concern at Sidam Group. We do care for our people, for our customers and partners and - our mission - we do care for the lives that our products can help cure and heal.

In adherence with the directions and the rules coming from our Country Government, we quickly assessed the situation and re-organized operations in order to keep safety at the first place, while ensuring business continuity for the assembly and delivery of our products, which, in many circumstances are vital and life savers for health organizations.

Sidam, and its controlled company BTC Medical Europe, has put in place several necessary countermeasures to reduce risks, and to allow their staff to carry out work in the safest possible conditions. Therefore, Sidam confirms their operational continuity.
It is also evident that this continuity cannot be separated from Sidam supplier’s continuity. For this reason, we are in constant contact with our business partners.

The adopted measures include actions like preventing non-SIDAM employees from accessing our premises; making use of remote smart-working for all employees - whenever feasible-; ensuring the respect of appropriate distances between people; specific procedures of sanitization of hands as well as surfaces in the production area; daily check of body temperature for all employees; adoption of face masks and a strict no-travel policy for everyone.

The company management is meeting daily to continuously evaluate the latest changes and adapt actions accordingly, to make sure that safety principles are safeguarded.

We also kindly ask you, whenever you need to get in touch with any SIDAM/BTC Medical Europe employee/contact, to give preference to email communication. Since many people are working from their homes, they would not have access to the usual phone system.

This communication will be updated whenever circumstances will require it.