• Sidam - Un distretto manifatturiero leader nel mercato Europeo

    A leading manufacturing district in Europe


In the city that gave birth to the well-known humanist and philosopher Pico della Mirandola, a biomedical district developed over the years and is currently a leader in the European market for the manufacturing of medical devices.

Mirandola’s Biomedical District is home to over 100 companies specialised in plastic disposable products and electro-medical devices: we are talking for the most part of small to medium-size businesses (85.6%), but there are also many multinationals (14.4%), both foreign (60%) and Italian (40%), that employ a total of about 5,000 workers for a turnover of almost € 1 billion (satellite industries included).

The fields of application are haemodialysis, heart surgery, anaesthesia and resuscitation, dialysis, transfusion and more, with uses in the following healthcare sectors: haemodialysis, heart surgery, anaesthesia and resuscitation, aphaeresis and plasmaphaeresis, transfusion, nutrition and gynaecology .

Year 2010 marked the inauguration of MOBIMED, at Castello del Pico, a permanent exhibition of Mirandola’s biomedical products and innovations that illustrates the history of Mirandola’s medical compartment from 1962 up to the present time.




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